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Natural Laundry Powder

Maple Hill Natural's All Natural Laundry Powder is made from the best ingredients nature has to offer to get your laundry nice and clean. Super concentrated, our Natural Laundry Powder is good for 160 loads of laundry from just one canister!   It is perfect for front load, top load...

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Our Story:

Maple Hill Naturals began in 2010 as a one mom company facing the challenges of washing and drying cloth diapers in coin operated laundry machines.  From diversity and hundreds of quarters later, came the first Maple Hill Dryer Balls.  These all wool balls were and continue to this day to be made from wool sourced right here in the United States from the family farm in West Lafayette, Indiana. 

In the beginning these wool dryer balls were for personal use.  As friends and family began to ask for wool dryer balls, for their own laundry, the idea of a company was born.  Starting with a Facebook page and an Etsy account Maple Hill Dryer balls was up an running and growing quickly.  

Maple Hill Dryer Balls continued to grow steadily and in 2013 saw the addition of several new product lines.  These new lines reflecting customer interest in natural solutions to traditional store bought products.  These new lines consisted of natural soaps, shampoos, and laundry powders.  With this newly expanded product line up the old Maple Hill Dryer Balls name no longer truly reflected the direction of the company and the name was officially changed to Maple Hill Naturals, LLC.  The following year brought on the addition of yet more naturally inspired products with our Shepherd's Friend natural skin balm and our C.B. Rowan's line of natural mens products.  

At Maple Hill Naturals we continue to develop and formulate new and innovative natural products for you our customers and family alike. Thank you for letting us take care of your natural product needs.  We look forward to serving you now and for years to come.

Rebecca Rowan, Co-founder of Maple Hill NaturalsRebecca Rowan, Co-Founder Maple Hill Naturals

Christopher Rowan, Co-founder of Maple Hill NaturalsChristopher Rowan, Co-Founder Maple Hill Naturals