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Unscented Wool Dryer Balls


This set of unscented 100% wool dryer balls are naturally colored with no dyes added. They will decrease static cling as well as fluff up clothing without using a conventional dryer sheet that is full of harmful chemicals plus they are 100% reusable and very durable!

-Can reduce drying times by up to 25%. Saving you time and money with every load of laundry.
-Naturally softens and reduces static in your clothing without the need for products with harmful chemicals.
-Long lasting! Good for 1,000s of loads of laundry.
-Made in the USA supporting American farms and moms!

Learn more about what makes our wool dryer balls different and find answers to common questions about wool dryer balls. Make sure to visit us on Facebook to see our current promotions!

The more you use the better your results; therefore, use four for small loads and six+ for large loads to optimize drying time and benefits. Sometimes for huge loads of towels or cloth diapers I use 12+.

Wool dryer balls are simple to use; leave them in the dryer and use them with every load.

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