Natural Shampoo Bars & Hair Care

Why Choose Maple Hill Naturals Shampoo Bars? At Maple Hill Naturals we have spent years perfecting our craft at making all natural shampoo bars.  We use the old world technique of cold process soap making to make all of our bars.  Our all natural shampoo bars are gentle enough for all hair types.  Natural emollients in our shampoo bars help to detangle and make rinsing your hair effortless saving you time and water. Our shampoo bars use all natural formulas that do not contain sulfates or other detergents.  When you use our shampoo bars, you can be confident that, your scalp, hair and skin will be nourished and healthy while leaving your hair shiny, hydrated and easy to manage. How to Use Our Shampoo Bars What Our Customers Say About Our Shampoo Bars “I love this shampoo bar! I really like that there are no chemicals in it, especially fragrance. Some fragrance-free shampoos and soaps still have contain perfumes that make me sick. But I’ve had no problems using this shampoo. At first, it made my hair feel dry because I’m used to using lots of conditioner. Then I figured out if I leave it in for a few minutes until it is at least half absorbed then rinse with cool water, it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I’ve not had much trouble with dry hair of tangles ever since.” — Sue “ I have severe chemical sensitivities (fragrance chemicals and sulfates, mostly) and have been searching literally for years for a shampoo that wouldn’t make my eyes actually close up. This is the one — and better yet, it actually leaves my long hair with no fly-aways and very manageable. I even use this on my dog so I can stand to be around him after his bath! Love it!” — Kathleen “I no longer use anything else on my hair. The first time I used it my hair felt dry and I didn’t like the product. What it did was strip all the junk out of my hair from the other products I had been using. Now when I use it my hairs natural oils are there and my hair feels better then when I use expensive products. Bar lasts about a month of daily use and smells good.” — Todd