Natural Soap

Why Choose Maple Hill Naturals Soap At Maple Hill Naturals we know that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Maple Hill Naturals soaps are handmade in the old world tradition of cold process soap making.  Cold process soap making is a time and labor intensive process rendering a superior bar of soap.  Our soap is full of all the good stuff your skin wants like natural glycerine.  We source all natural ingredients to leave your skin soft, clean and moisturized.  We focus on a limited number of soap types in order to deliver you the highest quality product.  What we lack in flash our discerning customers agree, we make up for in the highest quality all natural soap. What Our Customers Say About Our Soap “This soap is amazing! It has an amazing scent and feels refreshing. My husband never comments on the soaps we have, but he has asked for more of this one. Great product!” — Holli “This is a wonderful, exfoliating soap! It truly felt like a bit of a spa experience using this soap! I walked away feeling like my skin was totally invigorated and like I’d lost a ton of dead skin! Non drying and it didn’t cause any blemishes on my face! A truly wonderful soap!” — Melissa “Very nice sent and extremely long lasting. GREAT value! Much better quality than “normal” bar soap purchased in grocery store.” — Christopher