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Giving Back & Sustainability

Committed to the Environment

Maple Hill Naturals is committed to using only sustainable materials in their products:

  • All dryer balls are made from wool, which is completely sustainable.
  • Reclaimed 100% wool sweaters are used in some of the products saving them from going to the landfill.
  • All our packaging is manufactured with 100% renewable energy and totally recyclable.
  • Our dryer balls themselves are reusable and replace dryer sheets and fabric softener that is not.
  • Our dryer balls save consumable energy by shortening drying time.
  • We follow a Leave No Trace ethos: We want to leave the earth how we received it.
  • All products used by Maple Hill Naturals are sustainably obtained and cruelty free.
  • We guarantee none of our products or supplies have ever been tested on animals.

Causes We Support