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Honest for Men Natural Shaving System 30 Day Starter Set – Maple Hill Naturals

Honest for Men Natural Shaving System 30 Day Starter Set

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With our Honest for Men Natural Shaving System 30 Day Starter Set you will get everything you need for your best shave ever.   Give your skin exactly what it needs with our premium blends of all natural ingredients.  You will notice a definite improvement in your skin after you make the switch.  Our system will not only give you the closest shave but, will help to eliminate razor bumps and burn, will eliminate dry skin and skin itch.

You will receive:

  • Honest for Men Pre-Shave Oil:  Your best shave starts with a blend of all natural premium oils that lift your facial hair while they lubricate and protect your skin for shaving.
  • Honest for Men Shave Soap: Our all natural shave soap is made from the best premium all natural ingredients we could find.  We have carefully blended our shave soap to provide a thick, rich, creamy lather for a close skin nourishing shave.  
  • Honest for Men Aftershave Lotion: To finish your premium shaving experience we have crafted a premium blend of conditioning and essential oils along with natural witch hazel to close your pores, while soothing and protecting your skin.
  • High Quality Double Edge Razor:  We include a high quality Double Edge Razor you will continue to use for years to come.
  • 20 Feather Razor Blades:  Feather Blades are high quality Japanese double edge razor blades.  They are manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel and are platinum coated to give you the smoothest closest shave without the tugging or nicking.  
  • Shave Brush:  We include a high quality Badger Hair shave brush.  The shave brush will create a thick rich lather while lifting your hair for a close bump free shave.